ONWR Week 4

This past week followed the usual work pattern at ONWR. Monday and Tuesday I worked at the Visitors Center. Wednesday I worked with Maintenance. Monday morning a handful of people came in to buy their Senior Passes. The last day for the $10 price was Sunday 8/28. Most were just disappointed that they had missed […]

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Volunteer Week Three

This past week was the last week for people sixty two or older to get their lifetime National Parks Senior Pass for the cheap, cheap price of ten dollars. As of Monday 8/28 the price will rise to $80. Even at eighty dollars it is a steal. Ten dollars is unbelievably cheap. Ever since the […]

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Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

While traveling around I have wanted to become a volunteer for the National Fish and Wildlife Services. Being outdoors, working outdoors, working with wildlife reserves has appealed to me for most of my life. It’s never too late to get involved. I had applied for a volunteer position with the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in […]

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Chattanooga Bound

The trip to Wildwood, Georgia did not go exactly as planned. I left a bit later than intended and stopped overnight on the south side of Bowling Green, Kentucky. I had planned to boondock in the parking lot of Cabela’s. There was a KOA campground within a mile of the store. I made the decision […]

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Not All RV Parks are Equal

If you have experienced the RV lifestyle you are aware of the many differences between RV parks. At one park the water quality borderlines on non-potable, another has heavily chlorinated city water, and yet another is pure. One has paved roads another has roads that barely qualify as a stone pass. The site pad may […]

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