Moccasin Bend National Park

While looking for new places to visit in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area I found an archeological site called Moccasin Bend National Park. It looked interesting so I set the destination in Google Maps and headed off to see the park. I arrived at the main entrance on Hamm Road. It was a wide flood plane […]

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I-75 A Road Hazard

Last Friday, February 16th I was driving my Honda Fit (TOAD) southbound on I-75 through Ohio, and Kentucky back to Tennessee. The road surface in Ohio was starting to show some winter wear. The asphalt does not do well with the seasonal extremes of freezing and thawing. There were a few potholes that I could […]

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Lake City Extended Stay

I came to Lake City, Florida for a week. I liked the area so I decided to stay an extra week. The weather up north had been bitterly cold and was extending into northern Florida. The evening temperatures dropped below freezing. Then the weather improved for a few days. I have an appointment to keep […]

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Lake City Sites Part 2

Alligator Lake Recreation Area is a large region with looping crisscrossing hiking trails cutting through the marshy lake. I had seen it on maps and the Big Shoals state ranger had recommended it as a great birding site. I first visited the park on Thursday and decided to walk the main perimeter trail around the […]

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Big Shoal State Park

I followed Google Maps north on US 441 turned east on CR 246 (NW Lassie Black Street) to it’s end and turned north on US 41 into White Springs, Florida. I decided to check out the cafe that I had been told about when I had visited The Stephen Foster Park. I peered through the […]

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Lake City, Florida Sites

  On Friday I went to the Olustee Depot Visitor’s Center of Osceola National Forest. The Depot is located along U.S. 90 about ten miles east of Lake City. It is undermanned and only open on Friday and Saturday. I spoke with the retired couple volunteering at the center, Jay, and Linda. They were busy […]

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Lake City, Fl

I fled south on New Years Day. I had been staying in the Chattanooga, TN area but the impending bitter cold was pushing me to Florida. I researched the options and landed in Lake City, FL. The weather promised to be better but the truth was it was bitter. The trip on I-75 was a […]

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Everyday Life

Lately I have not had much to write about. I spent my days as a volunteer at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in northern Ohio. I worked 2 days a week at the visitors center and one day for maintenance. I enjoyed the remote refuge. The evenings in the marshes were very quiet. The clear skies […]

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