A Visit to General George Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY (Almost)


If you go to the General George Patton Museum, keep in mind that it is located on Fort Knox military base. The base is secured, and operated by the U.S. Army. The emphasis is on the word secured. Visitors can only enter or exit from the East Bullion Blvd. Chaffee Gate. Before entrance is granted you must get a base pass. As you approach the gate enter the visitor center parking lot to the left of the entrance lanes. You will have plenty of time to kill while waiting for a day pass. Bring a book, magazine, or whatever amuses you that is suitable in a public setting.

I followed Google Maps to a gate other than the Chaffee Gate and was directed to turn around and head to the proper entrance where I could get a day pass. East Bullion Blvd. can be accessed from US-31W (a main highway that parallels the western perimeter of Fort Knox).

I drove between the two lanes of the parking lot. The spaces were taken with the exception of a few spots that would not handle my RV. I was able to find a parking space at the extreme end of the line of cars. There were visitors as well as three busloads of ROTC candidates being processed in a tent located next to the visitor center entrance. The bustling people milled about with self defined purposes. I wove my way through the crowd to the lobby.

Once inside I saw a number dispenser and confirmed that I would need to take a ticket and then wait until my number was called. I had ticket number eighty five. They had just called number sixty six. My phone was in the RV. I realized I was about to settle in for a long wait and decided to retrieve the phone. Unfortunately the Verizon reception was very poor and I only had a 1X network connection. I was unable to use my browser. I settled on playing a game and answered some text messages.

In the time that it took to advance from number sixty six to seventy the infant to my left had finished high school and was eligible for ROTC in college. The man next to me volunteered that he had been there an hour and a half and only five numbers had been called. The math was not in my favor. I had four hours to travel yet and it was 11:30AM. I walked around the room and offered my ticket to a young man with ticket ninety five. At first he did not understand but when he realized the offer was to his advantage he smiled and accepted the ticket.

There is a U-turn before the gate. I headed away making plans to return again some day armed with the knowledge of my experience. Keep in mind that the museum is closed Sundays, and Mondays and open Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM-4:30PM and Saturdays 10:00AM-5:30PM.

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