Circling the Brothers Grimm

Many know the of Brothers Grimm, famed for gathering folklore and fairy tales from the German speaking people. Their gory stories would leave a child quaking sleeplessly if read in the original form. The city of Berlin boasts about being the final resting site for the four brothers and their parents. Unfortunately they don’t make […]

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A Trip to Teufelsberg in Berlin

In the northern region of the Berlin Grunewald forest there is a tall hill built from the WWII remnants of the city of Berlin. The continuous bombings and subsequent cannon barrages left the landscape unrecognizable with the exception of an occasional landmark of the city. The ruble was removed through the harsh manual labor of […]

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Raining Monarchs

The trees along Ohio’s Lake Erie shoreline were transformed into a monarch butterfly tapestry from September 8th through the morning of the 12th. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge lived up to its name as an anchor point to host the monarchs. They were driven across the lake by a strong northeastern wind then trapped by a […]

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The Other Nashville (Part 3)

Thursday April 5-It was a cold night. The temperature dropped into the twenties. The furnace cycled on and off all night to maintain a comfortable 68 degrees in the RV. I was awake at 7:30AM but remained under the covers for another half hour. I could either walk to the camp showers, or use the […]

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