Not All RV Parks are Equal

If you have experienced the RV lifestyle you are aware of the many differences between RV parks. At one park the water quality borderlines on non-potable, another has heavily chlorinated city water, and yet another is pure. One has paved roads another has roads that barely qualify as a stone pass. The site pad may be a packed stone surface, or it might be unstable dirt. The variations are unlimited.

I had made reservations at Indian Springs RV park near Garrett, IN. The online reviews were not favorable but I had been told by a second hand source that it was fine. I approached the driveway down the narrow country lane and turned right to the camp approach. The drive splits and then rejoins before crossing a one lane bridge that is covered in stone. The left side of the bridge is narrowed by a collapse of the stones into the ditch below. It looks as though it will eventually give way under the traffic. Along the approach, a man had parked and was pointing to the waters while some young kids were peering at something. This forced me to hug the left edge of the drive and brush into the tree limbs in the median.

It was after 6:00PM when I registered. The open sign had been turned off but the attendant was on duty. I was assigned a site that I could not locate. Another individual helped me to spot the two narrow ruts between trees called an RV site. The properties of the permanent residents on either side encroached deeply over the dirt pad. I did not want to take a chance on getting stuck and the trees and overlapping possessions would have prevented me from using my side expansion. I turned it down.

The man who had assisted me pulled out a radio. He evidently worked for the camp. He directed me to a site on a corner lot. That site was wide. It had a good stone pack. Unfortunately the neighbors were not very considerate permanent residents. Their TV was blaring loudly, while young unsupervised children in their natural habitat of dirt and noise were running about. I turned that site down.

I returned to the registration desk and explained the problems. I was met with anger and a question, “Well what do you want me to do? I gave you two choices and you don’t like either of them. What was wrong with the first one?”

I reminded her that I was the customer and explained the problems with the two sites. Because of her response I asked for a refund and then I could be on my way. She snootily said she could not do a refund. I explained again that the sites were not suitable. She called the owner and offered three more sites to look at. Her husband drove me around in a golf cart to see the other choices. He was very nice. We had a good discussion as he showed me around. One was a patch of soft dirt. One was uneven and had a sewer connection awkwardly situated below the RV. Another had a cement platform that I would have had to straddle and the dual tires would most likely have caught on the edges of the pad. None would work.

When we returned I was met with more anger from the woman on duty. She insisted that she had done all she could do. I would have to choose one of the sites. I again asked for a refund. They could not deliver a suitable location for my RV. After much coaxing, she called the owner again. I received my refund. This left me with nowhere to stay and it was already after 8:00.

I took a chance and called my friends Brian and Michelle. They put me up on the couch for the night. I got to visit with them and their cat Tabby. I greatly appreciate the help I received. I even got a shower, a cup of coffee, and some cereal before leaving the next morning.

I was able to rent a spot at the Fireside RV Park. I had some bad things to say about the park before, but the location is convenient, the showers are clean, the pads are sturdy crushed packed stone, and the camp manager is friendly. I still wont hook up the water. It is smelly and has a high iron content.

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