The Other Nashville (Part 3)

Thursday April 5-It was a cold night. The temperature dropped into the twenties. The furnace cycled on and off all night to maintain a comfortable 68 degrees in the RV. I was awake at 7:30AM but remained under the covers for another half hour. I could either walk to the camp showers, or use the […]

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The Other Nashville (Part 2)

Tuesday April 3- I slept in past 8:00 AM. The storms made for a restless night. It was still raining. I got ready for the day and drove to the Gnawbone Coffee Shop just down the street. Gnawbone is the name of the small unincorporated community where the RV park is. I had asked how […]

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Maker’s Mark Distillery

  Friday March 30-  It was another rainy day. I was unaware of the number of distilleries in the Elizabethtown area. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail weaves its way through the countryside. There are over thirty distilleries that can be visited including Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, and Makers Mark. I set my sights on Maker’s Mark. […]

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