The Weekend in E-Town, Kentucky


I decided to use Saturday to hang out at the RV and organize a few things. In an RV you try not to accumulate anything extra. When you do it’s time to sort and toss. I also worked online again. Later I watched Monster Zero Vs. Godzilla on Svengoolie.

New neighbors had moved in on Friday evening. Two related families took sites 41, and 42. Site 41 had a slide out that came close enough to my slide out that I could have reached over to borrow a cup of sugar. They had young kids with them that were not supervised. I could hear them bouncing off the walls of the other RV. They had brought three small noisy electric cars that the six kids were allowed to drive all over in the streets and between RVs unsupervised.

I went to the camp office looking for a newspaper. While there I spoke with one of the owners. He mentioned that he was afraid he was going to hit one of those kids with his golf cart earlier. I told him that someone needed to talk to the parents when a woman who was buying firewood chimed in and said they were her grandkids. She’d see to it that the cars would be put up. She had no idea that her kids were going to bring those.

Saturday proved to be a huge gathering at the next door sites. They squeezed in four to five families in as many cars and trucks. They had an egg hunt in the play area. The same grandma who I had met was stumbling back from the egg hunt with a Budweiser in her hand. She told me they had eight grandkids with them now.The kids were running crazy all day.

Quiet hours start at 10:00PM. All of the adults next door appeared to be drunk as they sat between the two campers with floodlights illuminating their spaces. I heard the shuffling of empty bottles and a truck took off to return again soon and unload more cases of beer. I had gone to bed around 11:00 and could still hear the party and the kids next door. Earplugs helped. At 12:30AM I was startled out of bed when the alarm went off in a pickup parked off the front of my RV. I got up to check but by then I saw someone frantically trying to hit the correct button to silence the blaring horn and lights. After verifying that my car and RV were OK, I went back to sleep with unchristian like thoughts about silencing my neighbors.

First Christian Church

Sunday I got up and ready to head off to a 9:30 morning Easter service at First Christian Church. I had chosen the church at random and did not know what to expect. It turned out to be a mega-church. The parking lot was big, the church building was big, the auditorium was big, the platform was big. I was greeted by multiple people all wearing a blue T-shirt designating that they were official greeters. I noticed that other people were clumped in clans sipping coffee and catching up with each other.

I found the coffee kiosk and helped myself. Another greeter found me and we talked awhile. She told me how the church had started from humble beginnings as a 300 person congregation. They had since grown to over 1,000 members and had two Sunday services. Most of the churches I know would be pleased with 300 members and might even consider starting a satellite church to handle the overflow. It’s a matter of perspectives.

The Stage

It was a packed house. The worship service was a large stage presentation with lights and fog machines interspersed with movie clips and a few speakers giving their private testimonies. Everything was very professional but somewhat impersonal. There was a solo and the singer was superb. The congregation stood when they were prompted to stand and sat in like manner. I could not hear many people singing along. I did not see many mouths moving either. Maybe 500 people are too many to expect much participation.

After an open invitation to communion, and the collection of the offering a speaker took the stage. He gave a homily related to the end chapters of the gospel of John. It was Easter so it was only fitting to talk about the death and resurrection of Christ. Before dismissal there was an alter call with appropriate live music. One person responded.

As I left there were as many people leaving as were trying to enter the parking lot. A church crew was doing their best to direct the traffic. The local police took over the job at the public street.

I was hungry. I had hoped to find a place with a Easter buffet. It was not to be. Many restaurants were closed for Easter. I settled on a small restaurant north of downtown on W. Dixie Ave., Back Home.

Back Home Restaurant

Back Home Restaurant is in a small brick house setting. The upstairs is a boutique. The downstairs is divided into three small dining areas. They also sell hand made bonbons. I can recommend the peanut butter filled ones in either a white or dark chocolate.

I was seated in a booth in the front dinning room next to the doorway that lead to the back dining rooms. The menu was small with home cooking style meals like country chicken, or meatloaf. I chose the meatloaf with whipped sweet potatoes, and broccoli casserole as my sides. It was all very good but the portions were way too much for me. I ate all the meatloaf but left half of each side. I managed to leave room for a piece of warm strawberry rhubarb pie a la mode. I was sated. The best thing to do was take a walk downtown.

The Courthouse

I parked on the downtown square where the courthouse sits in the middle of a rotary, then walked around reading the numerous historical markers around the courthouse and the side streets. I stood below a building where a Confederate Civil War cannonball graces the side of a building on the northeastern quadrant of the square. It was placed there when the existing building was built to approximate it’s location where it had struck. The original building was destroyed in a fire in 1887. The cannonball was reclaimed from the ruins to become a part of the new facade.

My cellphone has been experiencing problems with the battery life lately. It is an iPhone 6 Plus. I am waiting for Apple to release the batteries en masse. I was poised to take a photo of the cannonball. The battery showed to be at 15%. The phone shutoff and that was that. I could not charge it without running my car. That’s just the way it works.

I went into a bar pizzeria on the square, Impellizzeri’s Pizza. I had already eaten so I decided to order a coffee. The state law prevents the establishment from serving alcohol on Sunday before 1:00PM. It was 12:30. The bartender’s name was Josh. I asked if he or any other employee had an iPhone charger. Nobody had one. I sipped the coffee and stared at the ESPN feeds on the TV’s. I asked if there wasn’t a baseball game coming on soon. Josh called the manager in and she tuned the three TV’s in front of me over the bar to three different games. The pizza looked and smelled great. There were a lot of people who seemed to be enjoying it. It would probably be worthwhile to try it if I make it back to Elizabethtown.

I stayed around to watch the games and ordered a local beer. It was only so-so, an average IPA. I learned that Josh has a degree in forestry. He works three jobs as a bartender. He is able to live off the earnings and takes a month off every year to go backpacking. Last year he did the length of the Appalachian Trail. He plans to use the degree after he has had time to backpack all his wish list places. Good luck.

I returned to the RV to charge the phone and kick back. On the way I stopped at a Walgreens to get some Calamine Lotion. I picked up some poison ivy on the side of my hand. I also bought some candy. I had vowed to give up candy for Lent. Lent was over so I wanted to take advantage of the post Easter candy sales. By the time I got back to the RV, it was 3:45PM. The two lots next to me had been vacated. I did a quick inspection of my site to ensure they hadn’t left any beer bottles or other hazards. All was well.

The Story of the Cannonball
The Cannonball by the Window Sill
Look Up

When the phone was fully charged I returned downtown to take a few more photos. The sun was setting by the time I returned. The photos turned out OK. I ate, worked online and watched some TV before calling it a day.

I would be leaving in the morning. It had rained every day while I was in Elizabethtown. It rained again Sunday night. I think I saw the sun once while there. The rest of the time it was either gray skies, or rain and drizzle. Maybe it would be better in Brown County, Indiana.



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