6/21/17 Day 1 Woodside Lake Park 2486 Frost Rd. Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

After driving Interstate highways I exited from I 480 southeast of Cleveland onto Frost Rd.(Exit 41). There was construction on the Interstate that spilled over onto the overpass. I passed one gas station on Frost Rd. but I did not see a listing for diesel fuel. Frost Rd. was good up till a four way stop. After that it changed to a two lane country road that bounced up and down hills across patched pock marked asphalt. Bearable but unexpected. Using my GPS the listed address led me to a barren location. There was no entrance. I proceeded to the next intersection. A campground could be seen on the right. A right turn led me to the camp entrance. I received my paperwork from the registration office and noted that the GPS listing is 9853 Elliman Rd.. it is not the same as the physical address. Had I used the GPS address I would have been directed straight in.

The check in was speedy. The teenage girl was polite, friendly, and informative. The roads in the park are packed stone, so are the site pads. Hook up was quick and easy. I decided to use the water connection. I hope I don’t regret this. I found out after the fact that it is well water with a slight sulphur scent.

I hooked up my antenna. The TV scan resulted in twenty four channels. I am between Akron and Cleveland so many of the channels are duplicate networks. I watched Jeopardy while eating a salad. Final Jeopardy eluded me.

It is cool tonight. No need to run the A/C. I walked around the park. There are many permanently anchored trailers. I guess people like to anchor and return to the same spot throughout the year. I think some are rentals. The residents range from whole families and friends to couples and one single guy.

There is a clean looking “lake” with a beach advertising swimming, paddle boats, and fishing. I assume the lake is stocked. The game room is clean. The games are retro including an Atari game, Kiss pin ball, foosball, and billiards. The laundry room and showers look well maintained.
There are also indoors and outdoors picnic areas.

My stay will be brief (just one night). I think it works.

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