6/22/17 Lake Erie State Park, NY

Lake Erie State Park (That’s My RV in the Distance)

I slept in just past 8:00 AM. When I tried igniting my stove, I got nothing. I could hear the gas hissing. I even had spark but I got no flame. I have used the front burner before without any problems. I shut off the gas and fanned out the stove before trying it once more. The resulting flare singed the hair off my hands. Reasoning that there was a problem with the front burner I turned to the back burner which lit on the first try. I will need to do some troubleshooting.

After eating two eggs and a banana, I decided to get a shower. This would be my first use of the RV shower. I had already turned on the water heater. I tested the temperature at the bathroom sink. All systems were go. When the shower was turned on, there was no pressure. I questioned if maybe the lines just needed to be primed but after waiting for several minutes, I still had no water. I resigned to gathering my essentials and a change of clothes and walked to the camp showers.

Upon returning to the RV, I broke camp and headed off to Visit with my nephew Christopher. I tested the shower one more time after unhooking the water supply and checking the pump function. I had water flow everywhere except from the shower. It wasn’t for a lack of pressure.

I did not get to visit with Chris for long. My sister Marcia was there and she needed a navigator to run some errands. After having ridden with her, I took over the driving (with good reason). We did not get back until nearly 2:00PM. I wanted to beat the rush hour traffic, so I left soon thereafter. I fueled up at the Shell station on Chagrin Blvd. at I-271. It was the first available diesel pump I had seen since my departure.

The drive to the new campgrounds took about two and a half hours. It was interstate all the way. I exited I-90 at NY SR 394 west to SR 5 east. I questioned the logic of heading west to go east. As it turned out I was actually heading north on SR 394 west to go northeast on SR 5 east. There is a lighthouse at the intersection known as the Barcelona (Portland Harbor) Lighthouse. I could not see any convenient spot to park an RV so I did not stop.

SR 5 East winds along the Lake Erie shoreline. There are plenty of vineyards along the way and nice scenery. I passed the camp entrance and turned around at another entrance that I could have used to circle under SR 5 to the state park. Live and learn. I signed the paperwork and followed the map to my site. The map looked like a hand scribbled drawing and it did not match the terrain very well. I passed my camp site and circled around again before locating the number nine on a small post. The roads are paved but the pads are soft packed gravel. My pad was uneven giving a forward lean to the RV. I wasted no time in setting up the campsite. The power connection boxes are new and offer, 50 amp, 30 amp or 15 amp service.

After set up I walked to the lake about fifty yards away. The beach looked like a work in progress. The native shale protruded from the soil. River rock has been dumped and gravel mixed with sand has been raked in. The tread marks of a tractor paralleled the shore. I walked up the hill to the rec. hall. It is huge and evidently available for weekend functions. A small foot bridge crosses a ravine. Further up a hill there is a pavilion and picnic tables with a great view of the lake. The lake was quiet and the gentle waves rustled against the stones below. Robins, jays and wrens busied themselves flitting from place to place.

I walked around getting acquainted with the park. There are plenty of picnic spots, and playgrounds for the kids.

When I returned to the RV I had a discussion with a neighboring RV’er. George and his wife Karen were from Canada. They had been RV enthusiast for years and had just recently purchased their 5th wheel. We discussed politics and his disdain for the Canadian PM. I asked him if he knew what could be wrong with a shower that it did not work. His first idea was that the shower head was blocked. Then he asked if it had a switch on the shower head because that is common. I decided to look. The hand grips on either side of my shower head turned out to be the flow switch. Push it one way, shower on. Push it the other way, shower off. At least it was something simple. I still felt stupid, or at least ignorant.

I watched Jeopardy while eating a salad and yogurt. I have been eating healthily while on the road. After eating I went for a walk with my camera in hand. I stayed out for an hour to capture the sunset over Lake Erie.

The rest of the evening was taken up with small tasks. I was in bed by 10:30.


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