Friday July 14-Sunday July 16 The Weekend

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Cupbearer Cafe July Calendar

Here’s a rundown of my weekend:

Friday, I was ready and left the RV park at 8:30 AM. I stopped for a breakfast sandwich at Subway. I specifically ordered a steak and egg breakfast sandwich. The girl volunteered that they did not have any ham and then added, or lettuce. How can you run a Subway without those two key ingredients? I reiterated my order. I have never ordered a Subway breakfast sandwich so I did not think anything about her asking what bread or cheese I wanted, toasted, or not, or other toppings, chips, or cookies. I just wanted a breakfast sandwich. The cost was over five dollars.

I drove off before realizing that a breakfast sandwich should have cost less than four dollars per the menu board. I stopped at The Cupbearer Cafe and got a coffee. When I unwrapped my Subway order it turned out to be a steak sandwich. I could not have been any clearer on wanting a steak and egg sandwich, yet the girl had completely messed it up. Elisabeth suggested that I should take it back. I decided to eat it and maybe let the manager know later about the inability of the employee to fill a simple order. She was the only one working and I was her only customer. How difficult can it be?

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon visiting with Elisabeth and others who stopped into the cafe. Derek showed up as did Cheryl and we got out the cheese, vegetables, Ritz Crackers, and some strawberries for a lunch snack. The chipotle cheese on a Ritz with a strawberry on top tasted like strawberry shortcake. That was a tasty surprise.

I mention these people by name. Here is a brief bio on who’s who:

Elisabeth works at the Cupbearer Cafe. She is studying to be a nurse. I have gotten to know her and her husband Luke through my frequent visits to the cafe. They are a young couple with good hearts. I will help out with things at the cafe and Elisabeth can always find something for me to help with. I count her and her family as friends of mine.

Derek is a fellow retired individual. We have spent a lot of time swapping life stories over a coffee. Derek often rides his bike to the Cupbearer. I look forward to my visits with Derek and Elisabeth. We always seem to have a good time.

Cheryl and her husband Denny started The Cupbearer Cafe years ago. I have counted them as friends since I first met them when I happened across their cafe in Auburn, IN.

Andy and Kirsten own and operate the cafe now. They are contributing many good Christian based projects to help in the community. They also sponsor various music, and and community events. During the summer they are active with the Auburn Outdoors Theater.

Brian and Michelle are my former neighbors and friends. We get together whenever I am around.

Macie is another cafe worker. She is a young avid hunter and outdoors person. We always have a lot to talk about. She is also involved in a photo series called World’s End. She and Elisabeth are sister-in laws.

Getting back to Friday. Cheryl offered to let me use her car for the weekend after Denny got off work. I gratefully accepted the offer and made arrangements to get the car later.

Elisabeth and I wrapped, croissants, rolls, muffins, and sliced turkey for the deli sandwiches. Once wrapped everything is frozen to allow for a quicker prep to fill the food orders. It is easy work and does not take very long. And you can eat the mistakes.

Elisabeth left around 1:30PM and Macie started her shift. I left for the RV park around 2:30. Cheryl and Denny picked me up at 5:00. We drove to Saint Joseph, IN so Cheryl could enter some of her photos in the Pickle Fest contest. The Pickle Fest is an annual event based on the Sechler’s Pickles factory located in Saint Joseph, Indiana. Sechler’s offers a wide variety of pickled foods. My favorites are the Apple Cinnamon, and Sweet Orange chunks. Check them out on the Internet,

We ate in Grabill, Indiana at the Grabill Inn. It was very busy and they appeared understaffed, especially for a Friday night. The fish was very good. I wanted an iced tea but had to settle for water. They had run out of tea.

We were back at Denny and Cheryl’s house around 8:00PM. After talking for awhile I was awarded the keys to their Chevy. It was a short drive back to the RV park. I watched some TV and called it an evening.

On Saturday morning I met Brian at his house. We then drove to the Cars and Coffee event at the ACD museum. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum was sponsoring a drive in for people to display their cars. There were no donuts when we arrived. i was told they had gone through six dozen already and had gone to get more. The new donuts were mobbed when they arrived. We were on the tail end but managed to get a donut before they were all gone.

The cars were interesting. Everything from junk to classic Auburns were represented. Nothing stood out but I can always enjoy browsing through a collection of automobiles and talking with the owners.

Brian and I stopped by the coffee shop and visited with Andy and Kirsten. Their two kids were there too. Denny and Derek showed up at different times. I helped Denny set up the stage for the John Tibbs’ concert scheduled for the evening.

Brian and I next stopped by his house. Michelle, Brian and I talked for awhile. I returned to the RV park and remained there until evening. I enjoyed a cheeseburger and some baked beans, went for a walk, and relaxed.

The John Tibbs concert started at 7:00PM at The Cupbearer Cafe. Macie was working. I sat with Jeff and LeAnn. Denny was running the sound board. Brian and Michelle showed up too. The concert started with the group “Unlikely Disciples”. They play a Christian rock mix. Then John Tibbs took the stage with a mix from his former album release and his new one. He ended with, “Dead Man Walking”. It is a contemporary sound. He has gotten some air time on Christian radio. Look for him as he travels around. It was a very good concert.

After the concert Brian, Michelle, and I went to Mad Anthony around the corner to share an appetizer. I got back to the RV park at 10:30 and got ready for bed. I fell asleep watching Johny Carson.

Sunday morning, I went to the 9:00AM church service at New Hope Christian Center in Waterloo, Indiana. Pastor Diehl’s message was “But God”. It centered on grace, endurance, and prayer. It was good to be a part of the congregation after having been on the road for so long.

Afterwards I had coffee at Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee Co. on West 7th Street in Auburn. I worked on this blog then returned to the RV park for a salad.

Most of the afternoon was taken up with an overdue financial review of my accounts. Everything appeared to be in order. I settled in to watch Federer beat Cilic in straight sets at Wimbledon. Cilic had an apparent foot injury that cost him the match.

Brian contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to come over for pizza, and strawberry shortcake. YES.

I visited with Brian and Michelle until 9:00 PM. We Watched TV and talked the evening away. the rest of the day was non eventful. I ended the day watching Johnny Carson on the TV again.

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