July 4 Independence Day

Saratoga RV Park

Happy 4th of July. Up and showered, an egg and three pieces of turkey bacon. Dishes done and the laundry gathered. I headed off to wash clothes. There were two washers already in use. That left two for me. I got things started and walked back to the RV to put the detergent away.

When I returned I sat outside under the cover. I was soon joined by an older woman who was also waiting on laundry. She commented on my accent and wondered where I was from. Of course I was not the one with the accent but I could tell she had one. She was a nurse she was staying in the park with her dad. We discussed hospitals and staff and the way things have changed over the years. Her take was that it wasn’t about the patients. It’s about the profit. I had to agree with her.

I had started my laundry at 8:00 and finished by 10:00. It always takes two rounds to dry my jeans and towels. As I was leaving Bill was coming in. We talked briefly and I wished him good luck.

Later I went for a walk making two laps around the park. I saw Bill helping the nurse clear some debris from her roof. It turns out the nurse has a small home near the office.

The rest of my day was spent either outside cleaning the outside of the RV, or inside on line, or watching TV while on line. I took another walk around the park. My dinner was a salad and two bratwursts.

I watched Star Trek but fell asleep during STNG.

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