July 2 Sunday BBQ

Saratoga RV Park BBQ Dinner

Sunday morning I made two eggs and some sausages for breakfast and washed it down with some Twinnings Earl Grey Tea, and then walked the park roads. I stopped at the office to see if they had any BNC cables. No go. I walked past a long 5th wheel and noticed a small TV by the road with a sign saying free. I stopped to talk with the woman standing nearby. I didn’t need the TV but I asked if she had any cable. She didn’t know what I wanted and called for her husband explaining that I’d take the TV if he had some cable. I corrected her and asked the man if he had any extra BNC cable about 25’ long. I could not use the TV. He rummaged through a box full of short BNC cable pieces. There was nothing I could use. He told me to hold on and went through a second box of cables and other sundry items. He returned with two rolls of cable. I took the smaller of them and offered him some money. He told me if it didn’t work just throw it away.

It turned out the couple have been on the road for ten years. They had just traded in their old bus for the fifth wheel and sold then traded in their tow behind Chevy Malibu for a large truck. I mentioned that I was looking for a small car to tow behind my RV. I wished that I had seen them to buy their car. They told me where they had traded it in. I wasn’t about to chase it down. The couple was downsizing since they had a smaller quarters. The fifth wheel was huge compared to my 25’ RV. The couple was organizing a yard sale to eliminate the clutter. I thanked them for the cable and wished them luck with the sale.

I connected the cable and programmed the TV. There were 90 channels to watch with 5 worth watching. I scanned through the channels and watched Discovery, “Naked and Afraid” until Dave White texted saying he was on his way.

I met Dave by the office. He drove the back roads the eighteen minutes back to his house. It is a very nice country setting. I got a tour of the house and we settled in the back room. Dave produced a couple of beers from behind the bar. We watched the Phillies beat the Mets, looked through some Berlin photos and talked about the past and the people we knew. I appreciated Dave’s hospitality. It was good to be able to visit.

Chicken dinner

There was a chicken BBQ at the RV park at 5:00PM. We made it back in time to enjoy a quarter chicken, seasoned baked potato, and a small salad with a roll. The food was very good. I thanked the couple who cooked the food. They are year round residents at the park and are active in the park community.

Be Seeing You Dave

Dave left around 7:00. I stuck around for the evening, talking with people and waiting for the fireworks. Sunset was at 8:17. The park owners decided to wait until “dark dark” to light things off. The cylinders mostly sprayed colored sparks and produced smoke. A few made whistling noises. There were forty minutes worth of the large sparklers. I moved to the bonfire to help reduce the bothersome bugs. It seems the insect repellent I have is not that effective.

Sitting by the Bonfire Watching the Fireworks

I returned to the RV around 10:00. The neighbors across from me were just getting started. It was a regular ruckus. I watched a little TV and went to bed.

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