Thursday June 29 Another Berlin Reunion

Dave White (left) and Me at Druthers

I awoke at 5:30 but managed to get back to sleep until 7:00. I microwaved a couple eggs and sausages for breakfast. While running the microwave the breaker tripped off. This led me to believe that the microwave and water heater could not be on at the same time since they are on the same circuit. I switched off the heater until breakfast was done. It took a few minutes so the effect was minimal.

Saratoga RV Park Entrance

After my shower, I gathered all my laundry and walked to the camp laundromat. The washers and dryers cost $1.25/ load. I used one washer but had to run the dryer two times to get the clothes dry. After the first drying spin the clothes were damp and steamy. The dryer had heat so I verified that the exhaust airflow was good too. No problems were found. The clothes must have been very wet. Total cost $3.75. Much cheaper than some places I have seen.

I checked on possible RV camp sites close to Maura but there were no free spots due to the 4th of July weekend. I notified Maura. She suggested trying again after the summer season in September. September it is. I tried to come up with some alternate plans. The best I could find was to extend my stay at the Saratoga RV park. It worked out. I extended through Wednesday July 5th.

I had an idea to get out and see the area. I called to check on the price of rental cars. A car would cost around $80 per day. I could not justify paying so much for a car when my rent at the park was only $39 per day. I would need another plan. I am trying to get a small car to tow around with me. Then I won’t have to unhook everything just to go to the store or for a day of sightseeing. For now I can either stay put once I get someplace, or break camp to go anyplace.

After laundry I had taken a walk through the RV park and then did some chores around the RV. I worked on the blog and checked emails. Lunch was an assortment of raw vegetable and a turkey lunch meat sandwich. About 4:30 I heard from Dave. He was on his way to pick me up.

We drove to downtown Saratoga Springs and passed the race track along the way. This is the big draw for the area. I find the natural surroundings and history more compelling. After walking around the restaurant and bar laden downtown we settled in at Druthers. I had the huge Druthers Burger aged cheddar, bibb lettuce, pickled green tomatoes, pickled shallots, druthers aioli. Dave had a taco plate. We toasted with our beers and tried to catch up on thirty four years of life. After the meal we walked through the downtown past an eclectic mix of people. I’ll leave it at that. We then headed back to the camp site. I gave Dave the nickel tour of the RV. When Dave had left we had agreed to get together next week before I would leave.

I watched Star Trek, and STNG again. I stayed up late reading things on line while watching Hogan’s Heroes and then a half hour of The Carol Burnett Show. By that time I was dead tired.

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