June 30 Clean the RV

Saratoga RV Park

I slept in past 7:00 and decided to start my day with a walk. It was heavily overcast. I had only walked about three minutes when I called it off on account of rain. I fried a couple of eggs and cooked three breakfast sausages then settled in to eat breakfast and watch Leave it to Beaver. After the dishes were washed and put away, I cleaned my CPAP. I also cleaned the sinks and toilet. Then I got my shower.

The weather had cleared. I was able to complete the walk. When I returned I ate a small lunch. Lunch was just some raw vegetables like I had the day before, but without a sandwich.

I decided to scrub the floors and wipe down the cabinets. I used diluted Simple Green and a sponge to clean everything by hand. Sparkling clean and fresh smelling. I wanted to let the floor dry and decided to go for another walk. The temperatures and climber to the low 80s.

As I headed out I saw an older man practicing fly fishing casts. I stopped to talk with him. His name was Lou. He teaches fly fishing and is studying to get his masters certification. He gave me some tips and let me use his rod to practice various casting methods. It was a free lesson from a pro. I asked him some questions and he supplied the answers. about an hour later the effect of being in the direct sun was bearing down on me. I excused myself and went back to the RV to quench my thirst. Thunder clouds were moving in. A quick look at the radar showed a severe storm warning for the area. The thunder sounded very distant so I chanced a walk. I had only made it about ten minutes away when I felt the raindrops and heard the thunder claps ever nearer. I reversed course and sat in my RV while a deluge pelted the area accompanied by occasional lightning and thunder.

The rain subsided giving an opening for a walk. Large puddles forced me off the RV park roads onto sandy mud with sparse grass covering. There was no escaping the grit packing into the soles of my shoes. I removed my shoes before entering the RV and smacked them together rigorously to shake off as much sand as possible. The floors were just cleaned and I wanted them to stay that way.

Bratwurst and Asparagus

My evening meal consisted of steamed asparagus covered with ranch dressing and two bratwurst wrapped in cheddar cheese.

I ended the day with an episode of STNG and Hogan’s Heroes. It was becoming a habit.

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