July 6 Darrien Lake State Park

Panoramic View of the Lake

After staying in the sandlot of Saratoga, NY it was nice to be able to walk into the RV without scattering sand throughout my living area. There are many good things about Darrien Lake State Park. It is kept clean and well groomed. The lots are large and easily accessible. One thing that needs improvement is the men’s shower near my site. There is nowhere to put your belongings when showering. There is one shower stall with one stubby rounded plastic hook that barely holds a towel. I remedied this by putting everything in a plastic trash bag and hanging that on the hook. I later found out that another nearby shower is much better equipped with benches and places to hang things.

When I awoke at 5:30 I resolved to go back to sleep. A half hour later, I gave up. Breakfast was turkey bacon and two eggs and Toasted Maple Nut coffee.

I cleaned up the breakfast mess then walked around the park and circled the lake twice, adding a few side paths to stretch it out to forty five minutes. The park ranger stopped me to ask if I had found my phone. I had not lost my phone. He apologized and explained that he had mistaken me for someone else. We talked for a little while then I returned to the RV, gathered my stuff and got a shower.

Back at the camp site the family across from me was packing up. The man said, “Back to reality.” I pointed over my shoulder at the RV and replied, “This is my reality.” He replied, “Some day”.

I made several phone calls. One was to schedule service for my RV in Sylvania, Ohio next Monday. The hardest thing to do is to schedule where to stay in an RV. I am secured through next Tuesday.

I wanted to get a fishing license. A one day New York out of state license is $10.00. I went on line but it looked as though I would have to go to a store or bait shop to get one immediately. So much for that.

A View of the Island

Lunch was a turkey sandwich and some cherries. After eating, I walked to the island in the lake. A short bridge connects the mainland to the small island. A father and son were fishing when the son caught a small sun fish. He asked his dad to take it off. The dad was busy so I showed the boy how to grab the fish and remove the hook. The boy made faces that read, “YUCK!”. I spoke with the boys grandma. She lived near the Pennsylvania border in Jamestown, NY. According to her if I’d never been to Jamestown I wasn’t missing anything. Her son and his family were visiting from North Carolina.

A Muslim family was fishing. The women were covered from head to toe except for their eyes. I nodded to the men but they did not return my greeting. I had seen them camping in a tent that they had expanded with plastic tarps. It looked like two or three families were staying on the site, with kids of various ages. By evening there were five to seven vehicles at any given time. I questioned whether they were breaking the rules that read two vehicles per site. The Ranger stopped by my site as he was making rounds. We conversed for a few minutes and he continued his checks.

I went for another walk around the area in the afternoon. One camper asked if I was trying to wear out the roads. I assured him my shoes would give out first.

I made steamed broccoli and cauliflower to accompany the last two burger patties. I was invited to play corn hole and a flying disc game. In Flying Disc you try to make points by hitting a barrel with a Frisbee or throwing it into the barrel. My team lost at both games.

I retired at 9:00PM but did not fall asleep until much later.

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