Tuesday June 27 No Hot Water

Cooperstown Family Campground

It was chilly in The RV this morning. I used the restroom and after checking the time went back to bed. It was 5:30. I huddled under the warm blankets and did not rise until after 8:00. I turned on the water heater to prepare for a shower. In the meantime, I microwaved two eggs in a small special cooking utensil I had bought. They turned out very good. My attempts to make good percolated coffee still elude me. After ten minutes it was still weak and slightly burnt in flavor. I had used a high heat to reach a boil and then reduced the heat to a medium to percolate the coffee. I will keep trying.

After my meal I found that there was no hot water for the dishes. I switched the heater off and on again and tested it after awhile but there was still no hot water. I found the AC switch which also powers the microwave. I knew that the microwave was working but reset the switch anyways. I then gathered up my trash to give the water time to heat, if it would heat at all.

I had been told that the dumpster was near the ball diamond past the showers. I easily found the showers and gave them a quick inspection. If all else failed I could use the camp showers. They were clean but a little run down. I scanned the area before noticing a dumpster to the right of the right first base line secluded at the edge of a tall weed patch. Maybe they should tell you it is hidden there instead of by the ball diamond.

When I got back to the RV I was pleased to have hot water. The shower felt very good. I had turned on the bathroom ceiling exhaust but the automatic rain sensor closed it while I was in the shower. The sounds of rain accompanied my morning off and on and it did not warm up much.

The rains continued off and on all day. I tried my hand at fishing between the storms. I was trying different spoons but nothing was biting. I spoke with a camp employee. He said that the fish go for worms. He had never had any luck with lures either. I had to cut off a good share of my line to get rid of a knot. I don’t know how it got there. It was a mess.

A walk through the camp took about 10 minutes. It was hard to get any exercise. I saw a lot of turtles in the ponds. A large snapping turtle was lounging on a submerged tree. Its shell looked to be three feet across. Later I took an evening walk on Petkewek Road to 11A and back. It took all of 15 minutes. A wild turkey was standing at the intersection. He strutted into the woods once he saw me approaching. I also saw a deer feeding in a meadow while fishing earlier. Nature abounds.

It was a relaxing day. The rains kept me inside so I took advantage of the limitations. I worked on various projects in the RV. Before going to bed, I watched a Nero Wolfe episode. But I was asleep before 11:00PM.

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Camp Turkeys
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