6/23/17 The drive to Rochester, NY

The Underpass Leaving the Park

I was up at 7:00AM. I made fried two eggs and threw away my bread when I discovered it was moldy. It was a week old and that was all she wrote. After clean up, I went for a half hour walk. The park was small and there were very few places to walk without retracing my steps.

I used my shower for the first time. It will take some getting used to before I am not banging my elbows against the walls. I think I will buy a floor mat too. I broke camp and proceeded to the dump site where I emptied the black and gray water tanks. I also used the recycling center to get rid of some trash.

I drove out under the bridge on the park road that leads to SR 5 and picked my way along the coastal road. At one point I turned right towards I-90 but turned around in a fire department drive when I saw an overpass marked 10’ clearance. The RV is 11’. A true VW microbus had followed me from the park and proceeded through that overpass easily.

In Dunkirk I made an unscheduled stop at a Tim Horton’s. There was no place near by to park an RV but I found a gravel lot along the lake where people were parked to watch the boats (or something). It was only 200 yards away and the walk to and from Timmy’s in a light drizzle probably worked off that donut.

Unscheduled Timmy Stop

I drove out of town on Main street toward I-90 but decided to stop at a Home Depot to see if they had an in line regulator for my hose hookup. The best they could offer was to cobble together some fittings. I was told there was a Camping World just off the highway in Hamburg, N.Y.. That was my next stop.

I picked up the water pressure inline gauge and a few other things at Camping World. I had received a $25.00 coupon for having joined Good Sam’s club, which made the price of the regulator a little over a dollar. It was customer appreciation day at the store and I took advantage of a free hot dog the size of a kielbasa and a hamburger too with chips and a bottled water. Free lunches are good. Not healthy, but good.

I talked with some retired folks who were also year round RV’ers. The greatest concern that I find when talking with others is how messed up our insurance is. You cannot get national coverage unless you are on medicare and even then it may not be covered. Way to go Congress.

Once I was back on the road I drove straight through to Rochester and waited to refuel until I got there, well actually Webster, NY. I had passed a Cabela’s along the way but managed to overcome the tugging on my steering wheel that nearly forced me down the exit ramp. I am staying with my Army Buddy Igg and his wife Kimberly.